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A natural playground

Having children does not necessarily preclude you from having a beautifully designed garden.

Kids are the most common argument against investing time and money in garden design. People literally see footballs flying through their rose beds, paddling pools that destroy the precious lawn and vegetable beds that fall prey to treasure hunts. But children and garden design actually go very well together. Even more so because experts can design a garden that suits the needs both of you and your children. 

A green haven for you and your kids

Plastic slides in loud colours, swings and climbing frames that rather look like something from outer space, sandpits that are more home to the neighbour’s cat than to your own kids. Well, we admit that all this rather gives the impression of a playground than of a perfectly designed garden. There are, however, uncountable beautiful design options and features to create a child-friendly garden, making it a green haven for kids and parents alike. 

Long-term perspectives for garden owners

When it comes to designing, most parents only think about their current situation, with a garden tailored to their present needs and tastes. In fact, an intelligently designed garden may satisfy you for many decades. In other words: A concept design that responds to the needs of every member of the family, requiring only few alterations in order to adapt to different ages and living situations. Moreover, child-friendly play equipment should harmonize with the design of your house and your garden: Instead of multicoloured plastic, metal is the material of choice for slides, with a grass earth mound that provides the necessary incline and fits perfectly into the surroundings. Instead of a sandpit, your children can bake their imaginary cakes in a sand-filled hole that can easily be turned into a small pond when out of use. Older children will love this new water feature for it will attract dragonflies and newts ... and last but not least because they can splash around in it. 

No need for expensive toys to make your garden attractive for kids

As “Gärtner von Eden“, we rather opt for natural materials and solutions that are both creative and simple. A customary animal's drinking through will turn the sandpit into a great mud pool. Willow rods can be tied together to form a cosy teepee or tunnel. And boulders can be used for sitting and climbing alike.

Nature as your children's first playground

Your garden is the first and best place for your children to connect and interact with nature, while they use it as a playground. Let them snack on raspberries and black currants that grow on the bushes in your garden - it's simply the easiest and healthiest dessert there is. Even four-year-olds can design their own little garden bed: it won't require much space and can easily be integrated into your existing design. Parents and kids can tend for the beds and harvest the crops together, and that will surely turn your little gardeners into vegetable lovers. Runner beans, for instance, are ideal for this purpose since they have beautiful red blossoms and grow very quickly - your kids can literally watch them growin.

A garden for the whole family

Expert advice on garden design

A garden should suits the needs of both you and your children. If you are unsure about how manage that, ask an expert in garden design for help.

Interview with an expert

Get useful advice on garden design from Balbina Fuchs, graduate engineer in landscaping and associate member of “Gärtner von Eden”.

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