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Living sun shade solutions

After a rainy spring, we await nothing more than the sunny warmth of summer. Yet, protection is important.

Enjoy the sun with a shading solution that provides sufficient protection and looks great at the same time. As “Gärtner von Eden” we know that protection and design can be perfectly combined:

The canopy of a large tree, for instance, is a perfect solution for every garden type. However, not everyone has the space and the patience to watch it growing from sapling to tree. And those who already have an oak in their garden might want to sit somewhere else from time to time. A parasol is surely something that is quickly at hand. But once the sun is high up, the shaded area becomes quite small. Larger cantilever parasols that can be pivoted are easy to adjust and provide continuous shading.


The one thing that most gardens have in common is a main sitting area – mostly on a terrace next to the house. Therefore, most shading solutions are fixed directly to the front of the house, making sun awnings a very popular solution, since they can be easily wound out and are almost invisible when not in use.

For some people, however, awnings feel like a time travel back to the 1970s. Yet, there have long since been unicolored fabric designs, which go along quite well with modern houses. So: Design is not necessarily the problem. What is more important is the professional installation by an expert. Since most new houses are fully isolated, the installation requires accuracy and a specific technique. That being also the case for shade sail constructions. Many of our clients have opted for shade sails: They are fashionable, light and do not necessarily have to be installed on the front of your house. If the sail is correctly installed, it can stay there all summer long, turning your garden into your individual holiday destination, without looking too much like a camp site. Professional installation includes the anchorage of the support posts in a robust foundation before stretching the sail.


If you want your sun shading to be cosy and natural at the same time, you should opt for a pergola. It provides shade and protection at the same time. Its pillars serve as a support for climbing plants and - if partly roofed - the canopy even protects you from rain.